Sushi In NYC – Matsu

The day before snowpocalypse 2 of 2010, I went up to NYC for a quick overnight work trip. I met up with J in his Lenox Hill neighborhood to grab some sushi. We went to Matsu, which is a little sushi joint. The shrimp shu mei. I’m not the craziest shu mei fan, but these little babies weren’t half bad. Quite shrimpy.

A bunch of rolls and sushi. Very delicious and also not expensive. None of this was new york city prices, it was just normal!

I got some tempura udon, which was just fine. I liked that it came with a whole bunch of random fixins thrown in, in addition to the plate of tempura. It was kind of funny, when I ordered tempura udon, the waitress said to me, you know that’s a noodle soup, right? Um… yeah… considering I ordered it from your noodle section and it was clearly marked as noodle soup, ¬†yeah. Do I look like a person who wouldn’t know what udon is? And it’s not like it was august, it was a freezing february evening, who wouldn’t want noodles in soup? Weirdo. Service was fine otherwise. Is it extraordinary? Certainly not. But it’s definitely good food at good prices, especially for NYC.
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