Too Cold For FroYo? No!

Even though there were feets and feets of the cold white stuff still outside (see, it’s in the back of the photo!), this wasn’t going to stop me from sticking some cold white stuff inside. I’ve walked past Sweet Ending way too many times and never gone in. With giant piles of snow outside, for whatever reason, I was compelled. The name is bad. And you know why. It’s a completely self serve frozen yogurt joint. There are multiple flavors of the stuff, and you serve it yourself. And you put on whatever toppings you want. And you pay by the ounce. Simple enough. I tried a bit of pomegranate flavor, cream cheese flavor, and original. The pomegranate wasn’t all that. The cream cheese was strange but good. But I enjoyed original the most. What can I say, I’m a purist this way. I’m not a cereal or candy topping person, I stick purely with fruit. I went with a bit of kiwi, but it wasn’t the most ripe kiwi in the world, so it ended up being too much on the sour side.

They also sells smoothies and waffles. I also love smoothies and waffles so I’m a fan of these ideas. It’s got an excellent center city location. Stop by! Even when it’s cold out, it’s still delicious and refreshing!

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