Banh Mi Tasting

I had to finish up my last boozings drinks, so I went to watch Lost at H/A’s place and picked up some banh mi to nosh on from Ba Le. I usually get grilled pork, but I wanted to branch out, so I also picked up a bbq pork one and a chicken one. And I picked up a side container of the pickled daikon/carrots so that I could load up my banh mi with extra crunch. So here’s the bbq pork one. This pork looks like it would be flavorful, but it was real plain. Plain roasted pork. I wasn’t feeling it. But throw enough crunch on there, and I’ll certainly eat it.

The chicken one was a lot better. Some grilled chicken has been shredded up a little bit to fit in the sandwich. So if you’re not into pork, then this is a nice option.

Here’s the standard grilled pork one that I usually get. I actually didn’t end up eating it that night and instead, ate it for lunch the next day. Surprisingly, it tasted better the next day than both of the other banh mi’s the night before. I wanted to use up all the rest of the daikon and carrots, so I loaded it up with extra heaping piles of it, and man, it just worked. But I’m an oddball, I could probably fill a baguette with just the pickled radish and carrot and think it’s the best sandwich ever!

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