Birthday Dinner For Mom

Well it’s that time again… my mom’s birthday. And you know what happens when it’s my mom’s birthday. ¬†Yep, sushi. She always tries to make me pick, but I do not condone that behavior. So she picked Mikado, where we went last year. I’m not sure why she doesn’t fancier, but I don’t mind. Mikado is very convenient for me. Mikado and Thai Pepper are connected sister restaurants, hence the buddha on the menu, and the mix of japanese and thai in the menu.
The green salad… this was great. It’s big too, and it better be, because it’s a bit pricey as far as japanese style salads are concerned. But I really enjoyed this and it had a nice dressings. The cherry tomatoes were a nice surprise.
My mom got her typical Sushi Regular dish. It looked good, and she said it tasted good too.
Me, I got the tempura udon. I was going to be having sushi later in the week, so I stuck with my other japanese favorite. This tasted great. Those big white slices of mystery in the soup? You think they might be fish cake or something, but they’re mushrooms. But I don’t know what kind because they’re certainly not mushroom shaped. But as far as mushrooms go, they did not offend me all that much. I even ate some of them. Also, the spinach came in a little ball, so I could really easily fish it out and give it to my mom. I dislike cooked spinach, so if it had been dispersed throughout, it would have been more of a pain for me to get rid of them. Service was fine. And prices are in line with the rest of the main line.

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Birthday Dinner For Mom
  1. foodhoe says:

    ooh, two of my favorite cuisines at the same place sound like heaven! happy birthday to your mom

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