boozings – Americano At Southwark

Welcome back to our last installment of boozings, where we try the last of Philly’s Top 15 Drinks! Finally, we go to Southwark, for the Americano. It is made with Campari, sweet vermouth, bitter vermilion aperitivo, and seltzer, served in a big old milk glass with a slice of orange. Ok, so my immediate thoughts? That this drink is disgusting. Yep. I didn’t even say it was bad. I found it straight up disgusting. And I don’t quite know what that was in it that made it disgusting, but it was disgusting. I can’t even quite describe it as bitter, but it was kind of bitter, but not. It was just gross. Trust me. To quote the article, “Mismeasured, the Americano can be as ugly as the Americans that occupy Milan’s duomos on Perillo Tours, but Waide’s is thirst-quenching and balanced, cut with seltzer and refreshed with an orange slice.” Maybe I got one of the mismeasured ones, because it was Ugly, with a capital U. But hey, you can’t win em all!

We also ordered a mai tai. Whoa. This ain’t no girley drink on the beach. It’s boozy with a kick to the head. They definitely do not skimp on the alcohol here! This would have you on the floor, quick.

Well, that’s it folks! The list is done! And man, am I tired!

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