Dinner at La Cantina – Hotel Trezzo in Via Sala Italy

I love being here and having the customer decide where I eat every night. It’s the bane of a food blogger’s existence. Because you blog about food, everyone expects you to decide where to eat. So when I don’t have to do that, it’s a luxury that I enjoy. So this night, we went to the Hotel Trezzo in Via Sala. Inside, there’s a restaurant called La Cantina. It was quite busy there this night. There was nowhere to park and the proper restaurant was full. But we were able to get a seat sort of in the hallway.

In Italy, they give you bread and such, or other little bites to eat with your meal, but you get charged for it. It’s all part of “service” and this includes the bread as well as the service charge. It’s a flat fee per person, so it doesn’t matter how cheap or expensive your meal is, you get the charge regardless. This is another restaurant with quite a small menu. A little pasta, some rice, and lots of meat dishes. Oh, and another thing, I love all the frizzante water here.

S got the lamb dish, which came out in little skewers. Lamb and potatoes, quite palatable for anyone, foreign or native.

I got the chicken dish that was listed in their “specialty” section. It was thinly sliced chicken breast with a sauce made with whiskey, wine, prosecco and porcini mushrooms. ┬áIt was served with a “cornmeal porridge”, but it just seemed like polenta to me. In the english menu, it said porridge. But I’m not really sure if it was indeed polenta, because really, if it was, they should have just called it polenta, right? It had little bits of fried bacon on top! Whoo! The dinner was lovely. I can’t stop saying that since I’m working with Scots all day!

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