First Post-Italy Meal

After my long flight, I was still extremely hungry. The last full meal was about 9 hours before and the snack had only made my shakes go away. I needed real food, stat. And some groceries, so we headed out to H Mart to take care of both. I keep telling H/A that he should break out of his mold and get something besides bulgogi or galbi when he eats korean. But then he ends up ordering bulgogi, like in this case, and then regrets it. I mean this wasn’t bad, but it was fairly boring. And it really wasn’t the best gulgogi out there. It was just super sweet. The banchan wasn’t that great either.
I can also be a creature of habit when it comes to eating. A few weeks ago I had eaten the jjamppong by itself. And a few weeks before that I’d eaten the chajangmyun by itself. This time, I wanted both, so I got both. I love these little dual compartment bowls. I love trying everything, so this is one of my favorite dishes at the good ol H Mart food court. I wish all restaurants would let you have two half portions of all dishes instead of just one.  I’ve never ordered anything from the japanese/sushi spot at H Mart. This was from awhile back when I was at H Mart with my mom and she got the udon. Look how beautiful it is! Next time, I’m eating this!

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