High Speeding It To Florence

When I was finally freed from work, I hopped a high speed train to Florence from Milan. It only takes an hour 45, which is like way faster than driving. The central station in Milan is beautiful and impressive. Before my train, I picked up a few bites to eat.¬†Fanta, in freakin blood orange flavor. Seriously people, I love this stuff. Why can’t I get anything I like at home? A ham and cheese sandwich. This tasted just fine, but it scared me a bit because it said it was good until May. That seems to be a crazy long time for a sandwich to stay fresh.

I also picked up some potato chips, paprika flavor. These were really good. I’m not sure if they actually taste like paprika. They just have flavor. It’s not a distinct flavor, it’s just more of a generic red powder flavor for potato chips. But I like them.

Yep, that’s me at the Santa Maria Novella with some gelati. This definitely does not suck!

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