Indonesian Dinner At Hardena

After having cambodian the other week, E and I got to talking about all the hole-in-the-wall places in south philly. And I told her about Hardena, a little indonesian joint that kind of does the rijstafel. I hadn’t been there in years, but still remembered it fondly. It was definitely time to go back. The place is tiny and basic. Your food comes out on styrofoam plates. You eat with plastic forks. But you don’t care because the food is so good and cheap. Behold, the satay. This one is chicken, but you can also get beef. It’s only available on weekends. It’s only $6. It’s only… delicious. And it comes with a little veggie salad too. Crunchy and refreshing, with some bites being a bit spicier than others.

Basically, they have a bunch of food made, and you pick what you want. You get a big ol heap of rice, and they’ll put three dishes on top of it, literally, of your choice. And it costs you $6. That’s it. So here’s one plate of delicious slop. Here we have some chicken and tofu curry, some lamb stew, and a hard boiled egg curry dish. All delicious tasting, and all different. The chicken curry was not coconut milk based. The lamb stew was coconut stew based. And well, I like hard boiled eggs, but some people are not into them.

On to plate number two! We have some collard greens, beef rendang, and fish curry. I didn’t try the greens but E enjoyed them very much. The beef rendang was great. The fish curry was also good, and tasted very different from the chicken and tofu curry. E’s plate definitely looked the most well-rounded. Oh, and the little dollop of hot sauce you see on the side? No joke, that shizz is damn hot.

My plate, as a whole, looked kind of disgusting. Ha! But fear not, it tasted just fine. I got the eggplant, which was just delicious. If you like eggplant, and I certainly do, you will be very happy with this. It had just a tiny hint of spice. I also got the lamb stew, which was very tender and not gamey at all. I also got the salted squid stew, which comes with whole teeny little squids. Ok, although this was good, it was a bit too salty. Which really, as the name would indicate, shouldn’t have come as a surprise. But it was a bit too salty for me. So shame on me. But hey, for those of you into really salty dishes, go for the salted squid!

So the last time I was here about a couple of years ago. Well, nothing much has changed. The food is still delicious, and it’s still $6. The only thing that’s changed is that they have a cute yellow sign outside now, instead of that crappy 7-Up sign. And when we got there on sunday, they were slapping on a fresh coat of colorful paint outside. Really, you can’t get a better deal than this. And the neighborhood is just fine. So go get yerself a plateful of delicious indonesian food, stat!

Hardena Restaurant
1754 S Hicks St
Philadelphia, PA 19145
(215) 271-9442

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