Italy Hotel Eats – Breakfasts And Dinner

The breakfasts at my hotel, Hotel Castelbarco, in the middle of nowhere Italy, were stellar. They were everything I could ask for, other than being able to make my own waffles. Here’s some bread for toast (only white bread here) and some pastries. I never tried one of these, but was told they probably had chocolate in them. I’m not sure I would have been able to eat chocolate so early.

There’s the obligatory yogurt. And of course, frizzante water!

There’s also a plate of fruit as well as fresh cut fruit, including blood oranges, kiwi, and pineapple. This was my first experience eating blood orange, as I’d only had the juice before. I love me some blood orange! Those grapes by the way, were ginormous.

They also have a giant bowl of essentially, cookies. And for your toast, butter and jam, but also nutella and other sweet spreads.

I loved the fresh juices. I mostly stuck to orange and then ventured out to try the orange/carrot on my last morning, and I really dug it! What was I thinking waiting so long?

There’s also egg and some hot foods. The egg yolks are so orange (or at least in real life), that’s good, right?
And as it seems to be everywhere in europe, there’s always some kind of cold cut and cheese. We have a couple of hams here.

By the time thursday night rolled around, which was everyone’s last night at this hotel, we were all too tired to venture out to eat. So we just stayed in and let Jimmy cook for us. The food menu here is very small, but that was fine by me. I got a mixed salad and a pasta with garlic, oil, and hot pepper oil. It was so simple and delicious!

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