Lunches In An Italian Canteen

While in Italy, I lunched at the customer’s canteen. These are not just little sandwiches or such, these are straight up full meals, with courses even. You can pick whatever you want, and because I can’t eat too much, I actually control myself. But really, you can eat like a king, and it’s free. Some penne with bacon and ham and a few spices, and tons of oil. A salad and an extremely gargantuan portion of some fresh soft cheese called primasale. They really like to load you up here. And they keep wanting me to take some of everything. The canteen workers are like drug pushers and are putting peer pressure on me.

This day I had the chicken cutlet. It wasn’t straight up chicken breast, it was some kind of formed chicken, but it tasted excellent. Another gargantuan portion of a side, this time some fennel. I’ve never eaten fennel in my life. Other than a few bites that were a bit too anisey, I quite enjoyed this! A roll, whose shape is a specialty of the area. It’s funny because this roll is actually quite hollow on the inside. It’s reminiscent of a kaiser roll, but crustier, and hollow. I got a hunk of a brie type of cheese. And a banana. And of course, frizzante water.

My last work lunch day, I had some pork with a tomato and onion based sauce. I also got some cold green beans, which I loved, and some slices of emmentaler cheese. I’ve been totally digging the variety of the lunches. I already miss it!

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