More Korean At H Mart Food Court

I had dinner with my mom the other night, and instead of going to a proper sit-down place, I just kind of wanted to go to the H Mart food court instead. I was definitely feeling korean, but wasn’t sure what kind, so I wanted all possible options to be available. I wanted noodles. Typically, I would get the jjamppong. It’s just what I do. But I wasn’t feeling it that night. I wanted chajangmyun instead. Now, I could have actually gotten a combination of both. They have these bowls with two chambers, and you get chajangmyun in one half and jjamppong in the other.  But I wanted to go pure this night.  So I got chajangmyun instead. But then as I was waiting for my food, I saw some others eating these enormous bowls of jjamppong and I got jealous. And I began regretting my decision.

The particular one that my mom made me order had the noodles and the sauce come out separately. For that, you pay an extra dollar, and my mom said this one tastes better.  Sure mom. She also said it had lots of shrimp in it. Or so she thought. It ended up not having any shrimp in it at all, just the normal beef, but it tasted great. I didn’t regret my decision at all.

My mom got dolsot bibimbap. There was something off about this dish on this particular occasion. Neither of us was sure what it was, but there was just something that tasted funny. In the end, we think one of the veggies was just not right. And we don’t mean rotten or anything, just off. And that kind of made the whole dish taste off. We still ate it anyway, but it’s been much better before. We’re hoping this was just a one time deal.

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More Korean At H Mart Food Court
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