Not Eating Pho At Pho Ha

Before catching an amazing band in fishtown, we decided to get some pho. I’m someone that can eat pho any time. And I mean any time. Morning, noon, night, cold weather, hot weather, rainy weather. Who cares, it’s always a time for pho. So if someone suggests it, chances are, I will agree!

I have a few favorite spots for pho, and one of them is definitely Pho Ha. I just love a place that is purely utilitarian. The place is harshly lit with bright flourescent lights and just lined with unattractive tables. They just try to get you in there, feed you as quickly as they can, and turn the table over. It’s not a hang out. It’s not an experience. It’s just to put delicious food into your belly.

Then when I got there, I totally had no interest in pho. I don’t know what happened to me. I didn’t want anything hot. I didn’t want soup. I didn’t want noodles. I didn’t want anything beefy. It was strange. So instead, I got the grilled chicken rice plate. Hands down, it’s the greatest non-pho dish they serve. Both C and I ended up getting the same chicken rice plate, which also comes with a spring roll. Even though they were the same dish, our garnishes were so uneven. You always get some veggies with a rice plate, and I got some cucumbers and some pickled carrots. C got tomato, less cucumbers, and some carrots and some daikon. As if we got two separate dishes. But the chicken still rocked. It’s a huge piece of perfectly grilled chicken… juicy and flavorful… enough to feed a small family. And I love broken rice. I mean I know it’s just plain old rice, but for whatever reason, at least in my head, broken rice tastes better than plain whole rice!

Pho Ha
600 Washington Avenue
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 599-0264

Pho Ha #1 on Urbanspoon

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