Return Airport / Airplane Dining

Oh the flight back was a doozy. My first leg from Milan to Frankfurt didn’t go too well. We took off late, and then once we got near Frankfurt, we had to stay in a holding pattern because excessive winds in Frankfurt limited the approaches of incoming planes. Eventually we landed, with negative time to spare. You know when you watch movies and people are running in the airports? Yep, that was me. And once I got to the gate, it was absolute madness. I’d never seen as many airport employees working at an actual gate than for this flight. I also had someone in front of me show up with a red X next to their name when they swiped his name through. Not exactly do-not-fly, but not exactly all green like me either. Wonder what his deal was?

Anyhoo, it was a long ass flight, and they didn’t waste time feeding us lunch. It was the usual choice of pasta or chicken and I went with pasta this time. It was lasagna! Look at it. Doesn’t it look like a square of gross? Other than the noodles being overcooked to mush, it was quite fine. The broccoli was awesome. My body was craving some green vegetables something fierce! The pesto pasta salad was also nice. My favorite part was the apple cake dessert!

The return flight was much longer than the one there, so we got a much heartier second treat (first time we got a little teeny danish). It was a warmed up foccaccia sandwich with turkey and cheese. It was really good! And I was finishing up some of the Tuc crackers I’d gotten at the train station. They’re like ritz, but better and butterier!

One interesting service note I observed. When they gave me my drink on the plane, they asked me if I wanted ice. Which of course I did. When they served the german woman next to me, they automatically did not give her ice. And you know, the cans of soda you get on the plane are not cold. What is it about americans who love their sodas cold and europeans who like it room temperature?

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