Terrazza Manzotti – Dinner On The Adda

This night’s dinner was on the water, at Terrazza Monzotti. It’s along the river Adda, and has plenty of outdoor dining, which I’m sure is lovely during nicer weather. Right across from it, you can see a building designed by da vinci. Yeah, that da vinci. Uh huh, this Italy thing is pretty cool. They have this amusing replica of “Sunflowers” inside, made with pasta.

Right when you walk in, they have several plates of appetizers for you. You just eat what you want. What restaurant just welcomes you with free snacks?

There are several dining areas and when you’re walking through the place, you pass by the salad cart.

And speaking of carts, there’s also the dessert, or dolce, cart!

This menu was slightly bigger, but particularly only because they serve pizza here, so the pizza portion of the menu was quite extensive. Here, our service charge included olives, breadsticks, and potato chips.

C ordered the focaccia. It comes out looking like a naked pizza. It’s thin dough, crispy, and delicious. This is the same dough used for the pizzas. It’s made in-house, and cooked in a wood-burning stove. How does the dough end up this way?

Like this! Here’s a happy pizza dough thrower, if I’ve ever seen one. Ok, he may have been hamming it up for the camera a tiny bit.

And here’s a look at the pizza, this one with spicy salami, in other words, pepperoni. It’s got the same crispy thin crust, and it has a very light sauce. It’s pretty much not like pizzas at home, but I think I like this better.

As for me, I got the sea bass ravioli. Who serves ravioli made with sea bass as the stuffing? I’ve never seen it before, which is one of the main reasons I got it. It was served in a light orange sauce with shrimp. So the sauce wasn’t orangey at all, it was mainly just rich and creamy with a slight seafood taste. And if you thought real hard, you may have tasted a teensy bit of orange, but not really. These little things were delicious! It was reminiscent of lobster ravioli, but better. This was a great meal because C and L are regulars, so we were treated like family. Plus, our server spoke english, which makes everything much easier!

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