A Little Wine And Cheese

Sometimes, going out to eat is too much. And so is cooking a meal. All I really want to do is some wine, cheese, grapes, and bread. And being in SF and being in the mission, that is all super easy to do. I skipped on over to Bi-Rite and picked up a loaf of acme sweet batard, and some hunks of manchego and brie. They didn’t have any grapes so I had to do some exploring. Everything place on 16th was either closed or just didn’t have grapes. So I ended up having to hoof it through a particularly scary part of mission and finally found some grapes at a sketchy produce store on mission near 18th. They were cheap and delicious. And we topped everything off with one of the several bottles of two buck chuck I picked up at trader joe’s. I love low key evenings like this…

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