Lunch At Muracci’s

We spent the last vaca day roaming around downtown SF. It was a weekday, so I wanted to stop in a place that is typically for the salaryman. I definitely wanted to check out Muracci’s, which specializes in japanese style curry. I love me some japanese style curry. The place is teeny tiny, but they do have some stools and one little table for those choosing to dine in. But really, take-out is where it’s at. Pretty much the rest of the space is just the kitchen and the fridge. They do have some sushi and other deep-fried offerings (all the deep-fried stuff is made to order) but really, it’s about the curry here. They say that their curry sauce is simmered for 2 days. Ok, that sounds like a long time, but I hope it’s true. You can choose your level of spice – mild, medium, or hot. Japanese style curry is a dark tan/light brown color, with herbs and spices, and has no coconut milk in it whatsoever. So get the idea of indian and thai curries out of your head, as this is nothing like it. There’s no green, red, yellow curry. Japanese style curry is a style of its own and my curry of choice.

J got the veggie curry, which has big hunks of fried tofu, broccoli, carrots, and bell peppers. He got medium spice, and it was definitely a bit spicier than my mild. You can choose white or brown rice and we both went with brown.

I got the chicken curry and it comes with some chunks of tender chicken pieces. It had no veggies at all, which was slightly disappointing, but really, I didn’t care. My mild sauce was excellent, and it still did have a tiny bit of a kick. You get a good portion of rice and curry and it’s a good value. I could eat this all day, so if you’re into japanese curry, then you should definitely test this place out. All the curries are served with a little bit of pickled cabbage and pickled daikon. I like to get a little bit of everything in each bite. I want to try the soups, which have a curry-based broth and are served with udon or ramen noodles. Man, putting noodles and curry together… sounds like a dream!
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