My Mom’s “Hamburger”

In addition to doing some much needed grocery shopping over the weekend, I also picked up some food that my mom had prepared. What is it? “Hamburger”. It’s not hamburger in the normal sense of hamburger. It’s definitely not a heap of meat in between a sandwich. But it’s what I grew up with, and she called it hamburger. I didn’t eat hamburgers growing up in the motherland, so what did I know? All I knew was that it was delicious.

I don’t know the recipe or anything, but I know it’s super easy to make. It’s high quality ground beef, extremely finely diced onions and carrots (you might as well use a food processor), breadcrumbs, and eggs. That is all. You mix it together and then you make little patties out of them and pan fry it (yes, I like mine a little more cooked than others may). Can it get easier than this? No! And seeing as how I ate this when I was a kid, this is a very kid-friendly treat. They’re not going to realize nor care that there’s vegetables in this. Serve it on its own, serve it over rice, whatever, just serve it.

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