Quick Tofu Noodle Stir Fry

I love cabbage, I really do. And the other day, I had bought a couple bags of preshredded cabbage so that I could just eat it. I didn’t make cole slaw with it or anything, I’ve just been eating it like a salad. But with just cabbage. I love the crunch. But I had bought so much and I didn’t want any of it to go bad. So I decided to make up a quick little stir fry and throw a bunch of the cabbage in there. While I was at wegmans, I picked up a pack of extra firm tofu and a pack of fresh chow mein type noodles, the skinny flour kind. So here’s what I did.

I sliced up the tofu and then browned them on each side with a tiny bit of oil. Mushy tofu is fine to me as well, but I like it when it’s a little brown so that it’s even firmer on the outside. Then I mixed soy, mirin, and honey in a 2-1-1 ratio and then threw it into the tofu. The flavor is just perfect for your little tofu nubs. They soak in the flavor and you can just eat the tofu as is at this point. Or at least I could because I love me some darn tofu. For me, tofu is not a meat substitute. It’s just tofu. I guess that comes from growing up with it, and not discovering it later on in life as something you can use instead of meat or chicken. That seems to be the case for lots of meat-averse americans. But I just love tofu for what it is. I like how it tastes on its own. I could just eat a block of silken tofu with just a tiny smidge of soy and sesame oil and call it a day. I don’t just want it because it’s taking the place of something else in my dish. Ok, enough of my ode to tofu.

Anyhoo, I then cooked up the noodles in water, threw them into the pan along with a crapload of shredded cabbage. I then added a little soy, sesame oil, and a bit more cooking oil, and then just heated it up a little bit. And that was my super quick and easy stir fry. It’s not exciting at all, but I liked it. And really, you could add whatever flavorings you wanted to it. Want a little broth? Go ahead. Some oyster sauce? Add that too. It’s fun to just make it up as you go.

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