Sausage Sunday At Rosamunde’s

I love the plethora of specialty restaurants that SF has to offer. Amongst them is Rosamunde Sausage Grill, with two locations, in Haight and in the Mission. Like their name suggests, they do sausages… all different kinds of sausages. And that’s all they do. I always say find something you do well and stick with it. We went to the one in lower mission. It’s not that big. There’s a bar area with lots of brews. There are some communal tables, a couple of high tops, and then a couple of giant tree stumps. It’s pretty cool sitting your drinks on a humongous tree trunk.

They have a wide variety of sausages, meat filled and vegan. These are all grilled to order and served on grilled french rolls. You get to pick two free toppings – grilled onions, sweet peppers, hot peppers, beef chili, or sauerkraut. We ordered the two specials – the basque with pork and red pepper, and the lamb, both with grilled onions and sauerkraut. But for whatever reason, we ended up getting the basque and a duck sausage. But we didn’t care, we just ate them anyway.

These sausages are delicious. I’m not sure if I really tasted specifics about what was in the sausage, or if the duck sausage tasted at all like duck, but they sure do taste awesome. Even more so than the sausage itself, I think the best things about these sandwiches here are the bread and the grilled onions. The bread is amazingly fresh and grilled so that it has just enough crunch in certain spots. The onions are just amazingly good and sweet. If I was a vegan, I would have been happy just to eat one of these rolls filled with grilled onions. The sauerkraut was fine, and I liked that the cabbage was shredded extremely fine. I want to try them all. Seriously, I want to try all the sausages here, even the vegan ones.

It’s a put in your order, find a seat, pick up your food, get condiments of your choice, and bus your own dishes kind of place. They have a variety of condiments for your sausages as well, and you can load your dog up with whatever you like. We particularly enjoyed the curry ketchup. I can’t wait to go back. They also have some soups and salads and sides here, but really, it’s all about the sausages!
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