Tanpopo Ramen At Sakura Festival

After roaming Hayes Valley, we kept on roaming to Japantown. Little did we know that it would be a complete madhouse with the Cherry Blossom Festivities going on. Well, it was just too many people for us. There was tons of food vendors but the lines were atrocious. I wasn’t about to wait for anything ever again after the SF Underground Market experience, so I said f that. Although some of it definitely looked amazing. I mean look at all this meat they’re cooking up!

So instead, we decided to play it luxurious by going indoors and eating some ramen at Tanpopo. This place really seems to specialize in ramen. It’s a small place, with a bar, and pretty much the whole time we were there, we didn’t see anyone order anything aside from ramen. This is all a good sign. They have many different kinds to suit your ramen fancy.

J went with the soy broth with won tons and extra pork. Oh so delicious. You know these bowls of noodley goodness were made with love… just look at the beautiful steam coming off every chopstick-ful bite. The broth was rich, porky, and garnished just right. These bowls could have gone on forever. We only wish they had.

I like a little spice now and then, so I got the spicy miso ramen which is served with sprouts, pork, and the standard bamboo shoots, fish cake, and hard boiled egg. This thing is spicy. It’s not too spicy, but it’s definitely not mild. You have to be able to handle some spice. It was so spicy that it was difficult to slurp up the broth just on its own. You definitely needed noodles and other toothsome bites to take off some of the heat. But I loved it. This was some of the best ramen I’ve ever had. And I got really sad when my bowl became empty. I wanted more!

Service was ok. We were seated immediately but it took awhile for us to get menus and water. We actually had to ask for menus after just sitting there for awhile twiddling our thumbs. But the girls there were really busy, so we understood. And it didn’t take very long for our ramen to come out. If you love ramen, check it out!

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