Twin Peaks Pie Contest

Sometimes, there are strange little events around town. Like this past first friday, I went to a Twin Peaks themed art show and pie contest in Kensington. I’ve never watched Twin Peaks, so I don’t really know much, but apparently, Agent Dale really liked cherry pie. I have nothing against pie, and first fridays can be quite amusing, so off I went.

The contest was simple. Taste each of the 11 pies and vote for your favorite. There were three apples and then the rest were a smattering of random flavors, including pecan, lemon, and sweet potato cheesecake. There was no cherry pie to be had, which was a bit odd. I had to taste them in order, and this probably wasn’t planned, but they all seemed to get sweeter as the numbers got higher. It got harder and harder to taste them! Which one won? I have no idea! But I actually voted for the sweet potato cheesecake. It was my favorite!

They also had random donuts and other sweet treats around different booths.

And later on, they brought out some moon pies and some freakishly technicolored peeps.

We went to a few other galleries too to check out what else was going on. Sometimes they had food. And sometimes, like this one, it was a very nice offering. I’m not quite sure what the bottle of sriracha was for though. The dip?

Sometimes, they were philly themed so you could have soft pretzels. And they even had some nice carafes of wine.

But sometimes, it was just boxed wine.

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Twin Peaks Pie Contest
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