Adventures In Uzbekistan

H/A had driven past Uzbekistan Restaurant, saw its crazy sign, and asked if I wanted to go. Of course I wanted to go! Uzbekistan food sounds intriguing! And so we went deep, deep, deep into the northeast. Man, is this place far away! But trust us, it’s worth the drive! The sign is absolutely crazy. Look at it! Does this look inviting? I’m not sure… it definitely looks strange. But it definitely makes me have to do a double-take.

The menu is russian on the left, and english on the right. We had no idea what to order. None. But while we were yammering to each other trying to figure stuff out, someone at the next table voluntarily came over to us and gave us some suggestions. Was he Uzbek? Was he Russian? I don’t know. But he was very nice! So here’s what we got. We started with a tomato and onion salad, which was recommended by the friendly stranger. It had a little bit of spice in it too. What an amazing salad! It sounds so random, but seriously, believe me when I say that this is amazing. This bread is the traditional uzbek bread, non. It’s like a circular loaf that someone punched in the middle. This one was covered with black and white sesame seeds. It’s dense and delicious, especially when fresh and warm!

The restaurant is fairly large, and most people were in outdoor dining area. There were many ginormous parties there, I’m talking like 30-50 people at a table. And whenever I passed these tables, they all had plates of giant dumplings. So I had to try some. These were called manti, and were stuffed with meat and veggies and spice, and were quite hearty and delicious. This dish was so cheap, I thought it would be one dumpling. Instead, these three huge ones came out. You certainly won’t be hungry here!

This is the chebureks, which is described as a pancake stuffed with meat. It’s more like a big and flat empanada. It’s served with a spicy red sauce, which I really liked. It’s tomato based, but I’m not quite sure how to describe it.

We also got one lamb and one chicken shish kebab, because they were suggested by our kind helper. Also served with the red sauce, these were rather awesome. They were cooked well, and even though they were just fairly plain hunks of meat, they were flavorful and juicy. And again, let me mention, the prices are ridiculously cheap! If you’re willing to make the long ass drive, check it out. It’s good food, beyond cheap, and fun!

11901 Bustleton Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19116
(215) 671-1990

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Adventures In Uzbekistan
  1. max says:

    best food in northeast philadelphia

  2. George says:

    Love this place

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