All-You-Can-Eat Brazilian

After our first day of the show, which was the longest day of the week, we pretty much went right to dinner. While waiting, we saw Hulk Hogan in the hotel lobby. He was rather frightening. And in person, he looks like a cartoon character. We went to Texas de Brazil, but were sorely disappointed when they told us it would be an hour and a half wait. It was 9pm at this point. The place closed at 10:30. And we were supposed to wait an hour and a half to be seated. That didn’t work logically, so we headed out. We ended up at another random brazilian churrascaria place called Espeto de Prata right down the street. On this particular strip we were driving down, there were churrascarias all over the place.

This place was only about half full, so we got seated right away. They brought over some pao de queijo, which is a brazilian style cheesy puff bread. I remember having them in brazil and falling in love with them. But you need to eat them when they’re fresh and hot out of the oven. When they’re not, like the ones we got, they’re just kinda strange.

I love churrascarias not for the meat, but for all of the other stuff. There’s always a salad bar with all kinds of cold foods, as well as hot foods and soups / stews. And because it’s brazilian, there’s usually always sushi too. Brazilians love their sushi, and there are tons of japanese people living in Brazil. They also love veggies so there’s all kinds of salads and random veggies.

And they had various soups as well as my favorite brazilian food in the world – feijoada. They called it “black beans” but we know that’s not all it is. It’s a delicious dark stew with all kinds of meats and sausages and in this case, it was a bit spicy. But my favorite dish of the entire evening was the fried bananas. The brazilians just know how to do the best things with bananas. And I didn’t take a picture because I was way too preoccupied shoving them in my mouth. Seriously, if my stomach would have cooperated, I would not have stopped eating them. Oh, I did try the meat. It was ok. In general, this place was ok. I liked the feijoada and I loved the bananas, but really, it was just so-so. I’ve been to much better churracarias in Brazil and in the US.
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