Amber India Happy Hour

I met up with J in the city for happy hour. She was thinking about this one mexican place in the Yerba Buena Center, but on the way there, we passed by Amber India. The happy hour menu was enticing. We went to the mexican place anyway, but then were immediately annoyed by the loud and incessant music, so we went back to Amber. It couldn’t have been a better idea.

Amber is a very swanky indian restaurant, which is a small chain in the bay area. The one in SF is pretty huge. We hung out in the bar area, which is beyond colorful. They have a kick ass happy hour menu with cheap drinks and $5 apps. We both got the amber rose, a lovely little cocktail featuring pureed raspberries and pomegranate juice, along with booze, of course. It was lovely! And especially lovely at $5!

We also decided to try out some of the appetizers. The Bhel Puri is on the left. It is rice puffs tossed with onions, raw mango, chutneys, and topped with savory noodles. The Batata Vada is at the top. They are spiced potato dumplings encased in garam flour batter. They are served with two different chutneys, the green one being much spicier than the other. The Pani Puri are on the bottom right. These little beauties are wheat puffs filled with spicy mint and cumin water, potatoes, and chick peas. All of these were excellent, each with their own level of kick. It’s definitely indian food, so if you don’t like things like curry or cumin or flavors reminiscent of that, then stay away! But if you’re an indian food lover, then you’ll love all of these. Really, for $5 each, how can you go wrong? These are awesome prices anywhere, so in San Francisco it’s a downright steal!

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