Dining At Emeril’s In Orlando

I went to Orlando to play trade show girl for work, and we stayed in the Universal Studios area. On my first night there, we dined at Emeril’s in Universal CityWalk. I had low expectations, because you never know what you’re going to get with a celebrity chef restaurant. I personally have never watched Emeril on tv, so it wasn’t like I was a fan of his anyway. But I knew it was a nice place, so I was excited, but only a little.

M and I were the only two that went with the prix fixe degustation menu. It started with the pan seared jumbo sea scallops with stone crab caramel, oven dried white alba clam shell mushrooms, and a balsamic drizzle. It was supposed to also have flash fried fresh soft shell crab, but that was obviously not there. I love me some scallops, so I’m happy whenever I get to eat them. I thought this was great! The scallops were nicely seared, rare in the middle, and the sauce went perfectly with them. It was a great start.

Next up was a crispy chilean sea bass with black truffle-australian lobster vinaigrette and organic red romaine lettuce. Another nice dish! I liked the scallops better, but this was still tasty.

Finally, a seared angus 4 oz filet mignon, chive mashed potatoes, and wild ramps with a worcestershire cream sauce. Ok, so I’m not really normally a steak girl, so this meat was fine by me. But oh my gosh, this worcestershire cream sauce was freakin heavenly. I wanted to bathe in it and drink it. I wanted to put it on everything I will ever eat again for the rest of my life. Seriously, I will eat steak every day for the rest of my life is it came with this sauce. I will eat cardboard if it was topped with the sauce. It’s beyond amazing. Oh, and if you order just the regular filet from the menu, it will come with a worcestershire sauce, but not the worcestershire cream sauce. They’re different!

The dessert from the degustation menu was a profiterole with cinnamon ice cream, white chocolate fudge, sweet cream. and fresh berries. We thought this was ok, but was disappointed that the profiterole was stuffed with cinnamon ice cream, and not cream. We expected a cream puff, but got a strange ice cream puff.

A couple of people got the souffle for dessert. It’s funny to get this because when they give it to you, they put the plate down, and then take a big hunk of souffle out, drizzle chocolate on it, and then put the hunk back in. It’s really awkward because it’s a production, and you have to watch it, they take their time, and have to work around you.

The service is good here, as it is a fancy and expensive place. ┬áBut because of that fancy service, you have to wait quite awhile for your food. They coordinate the service, so everybody’s food has to be ready. So be ready to wait and be hungry for awhile. But when you do get the food, it’s pretty darn good! I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by the quality of the food here. I recommend it highly!
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