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We keep meaning to check out Foreign Cinema, but it’s just never happened. We want to actually go there to eat dinner and see the movie, but the movies run monthly, and whenever I’m in SF, it’s never a movie I want to see. So we’ll just have to save that for another visit. So instead, we went there for brunch to meet up with A and E. A has eaten here for dinner before, so she was eager to check out the brunch offering. Since I hate waiting, I acted like a proper adult and actually made a reservation. Oh, how I love opentable!

This place is pretty big. It was a nice day so we sat in the outdoor section. This is where they project the movies, when they project movies. It was too sunny so they did not do it that morning. There’s also a large indoor dining area too. Most of the people there were fancy. We looked like total schlubs. But I didn’t care.

A got the yellowfin sandwich. There was much confusion with our strange waiter about whether it would be tuna fish salad or a hunk of grilled tuna, but rest assured, it ended up being a grilled filet. It was supposed to have spicy slaw on it but A said it was not really flavorful nor spicy. She just thought it was an ok sandwich.

E got the fried eggs which were deglazed with balsamic vinegar, and also came with some potato hash, greens, and prosciutto. He thoroughly enjoyed this dish.

J got the khima, which was egg on top of a spiced chicken hash, and served with potato sticks. This was a great dish, I was absolutely crazy about, but J was disappointed that it was served with fried crunchy potato sticks instead of a healthier potato option, perhaps just roasted potatoes.

I went with the french toast. It was baguette french toast with bananas and walnuts and served with maple syrup. This was some of the best friggin french toast I’ve ever had. Kudos to foreign cinema for these. I don’t know what they do to make them, but they’re fabulous.┬áThis place is very nice, has good service, and serves up great, fresh, tasty food. It’s certainly not cheap though, for the food or the drinks. They squeeze fresh orange juice here, and it’s $5. But just suck it up and try it at least once. I want to come back and see a movie!

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Foreign Cinema Brunch
  1. A-dog says:

    The fries were good though and the pickled onion stuff on the side was good too. Next time I’ll get the french toast!

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