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I’ve been to the bay area over ¬†half dozen times in my past, but I only did touristy things on my first trip. And I never even ever rode a cable car. Well, I corrected that on this trip. It is extremely touristy, and it gets crowded, and you have to wait in line, but there’s just something about this that was actually fun. You’re going uphill or downhill most of the time, so you get to see some really great views of the city. And it’s fun to have to hold on for dear life. The cable cars don’t even have to obey stop lights or stop signals. It’s bad ass. It dumps you out at Fisherman’s Wharf, which is like tourism central, so we decided to continue the cheesedom by having some clam chowder at Boudin. This place pretty much runs on the clam chowder in the sourdough breadbowl racket, so we had to partake. I’ve had it before so I knew it was good.

They sell cutely shaped sourdough breads as well, for the kiddies and what not. And normal shaped ones too!

Pretty much everyone orders the same thing… clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl. You get the whole thing of bread. The clam chowder is actually good, honestly. And then you get to eat your bowl, or at least try to. But in a way, I wish the clam chowder just came in a plain bowl and you just got the bread by itself. The bread bowl ends up sucking so much of your soup, and I’d rather just eat the soup, not slightly soupy bread. This is the one touristy thing that I would recommend everyone to do. And who doesn’t love a giant can of beer that looks like a cute little keg?
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