Mother’s Day At Gaya

This year for mother’s day, we went to Gaya. We haven’t done the brunch thing for awhile, which I don’t mind at all, and on mother’s day, mother gets to pick. And lately, she’s been pretty much picking Gaya for everything. The thing that bummed me out a little was there there was a special mother’s day menu in place. This meant that some of my favorite dishes weren’t even available at all. Oh well.

Meat! We got korean bbq, of course, and it tastes just fine here. There was a nice variety of banchan, including two different salads. One was the kind you would get at a sushi restaurant, with the ginger dressing. This other one had a sweet and vinegary pepper sauce. I loved them both.

One thing to note about the korean bbq here. You will not leave this place stinking of korean bbq! It has ventilation built into the bottom of the tables, and it must be as strong as turbo jets because I’ve never been to a korean restaurant and not smelled at all. But here, when you leave, you leave the smell! It amazes me!

We also ordered the ganpoong saewoo, which were fried shrimp in a sweet sauce. These were good, but nothing spectacular.

When you eat here, you get your choice of white or mixed rice. The mixed rice has beans in it, and the coloring of the beans makes the rice this deep purple color. I like the taste of this, and it makes me feel like I’m being healthier.

We ended the dinner with mul naengmyun. Apparently, when you eat korean bbq, you finish it off with mul naengmyun. It’s just how it goes. I love naengmyun in general, but this one wasn’t anything special either. I missed my favorite dishes, but it was still a good meal.

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Mother’s Day At Gaya
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    This looks awesome. Love Korean BBQ

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