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The weekend of Art Star Craft Bazaar was an especially beautiful and sunny one. While walking from center city to penn’s landing, I got drawn in by Bonte and their sign. It promised drink specials. I was sold!
I had been craving a belgian waffle for months, so I was happy to get one. You can get them all fancy, but I’m old school. I like them just plain with the sugar. I don’t need them stuffed or topped or anything. I got a passion fruit lemonade and it certainly hit the spot. It was a good idea to pick up these nibbles from Bonte because the food options at Art Star pretty much suck. It was also the same weekend of the Italian Market Festival, but I couldn’t handle the crowds. So after it was already over for the day, I stopped by Paesano’s to grab something to go. Paesano’s is a sister sandwich shop to Modo Mio. The Italian Market location is the second Paesano’s location. They sell sandwiches. And aside from a couple of sides, that’s pretty much all they do. But apparently, they do it well.
I’m terrible at decision making, especially when it comes to food, so I had no idea what to order. So I just decided to get the Paesano. I figured if they’re going to name the sandwich after the shop, then it’s likely to be a memorable sandwich. The paesano! Beef brisket, roasted tomato, ricotta, horseradish mayo, and fried egg in a long sesame seed roll. Whoa! This is a big sandwich! And clearly, it’s got tons of meat in it. The beef is plentiful and juicy, and you will make a mess! And how can you not love a sandwich with a fried egg in it? Everything worked really well together, and even the horseradish mayo. And this is coming from a girl who doesn’t care for horseradish. I now need to try every other sandwich there! Everyone at the paesano’s in the south philly location was friendly and extremely helpful.

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