Tangerine Brunch In The Castro

Not that we’d eaten at every brunch possibility in the mission, but we ventured out a bit by ending up at Tangerine in the castro. They call themselves pacific rim, but since it was brunch, there wasn’t too much asian food on the menu. There is some outside seating, but it was much too sunny for that. J fell hard for this lemonade with fresh mint. Seriously, I think he likes this more than life itself.

J got the eggs florentine. It also came with a side salad which he didn’t even eat, and that like never happens! It did look pretty sad and wilted. The potatoes look heavily flavored, but they’re not that exciting. I liked them much better than J did. But he thoroughly enjoyed the main event. There was tons of spinach on there which he really liked. I do not like cooked spinach at all, so it’s like my ultimate nightmare. Plus, it came on top of some kind of dark and healthy looking bread. I’m a terrible person when it comes to bread, because I like it white and devoid of any nutrients!

I got the almond french toast. It’s really thick hunks of bread coated with sliced almonds. This was good, but it may have been a bit too decadent, even for me. The almonds add a nice crunch and a warm and nutty taste. It was topped with sliced strawberries and sauteed bananas. I particularly loved the bananas. These things were huge too, so I only ate about half of this dish. The place was pretty much full and everything is cooked to order, so you do have to wait a bit for your food. It’s in a quiet neighborhood and on a nice day out, it would be a perfect place for outdoor dining. But I think there are probably better brunch options out there. But it would fit for the right occasion.

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