Trying Out New Vietnamese

While picking up some groceries at H Mart, I decided to be extra lazy and pick up some takout from Pho & Cafe Anh Hong. It hasn’t been around for too long and I’ve been meaning to try it. If it means a pho place within 10 minutes of me, then I’m extremely happy with this new addition already. I was also happy to find out that they have various banh mi and also bubble tea. They also have other takeaway treats, including this mysterious green goop. What is this exactly? Someone, please tell me! Since I was picking up food to-go, I got a vermicelli bowl with grilled pork and spring rolls.

This was great! The pork was flavored well and grilled so it was slightly crunchy. The veggies were fresh and plentiful. But it was the fried spring roll I really liked. The skin was different from ones I’ve had before. It was more like what you’d find being the crepe of a vietnamese crepe. It wasn’t a crunchy flaky rice paper outside, it was more chewy and thick. It seemed to be made from rice flour like the crepes are. And I really enjoyed it! Man alive, knowing that there’s a good and cheap vietnamese joint so close to my house is like music to my ears. Next visit, I’ll try the pho! I can’t wait!

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Trying Out New Vietnamese
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    We would like to thank you for this great article about our restaurant. We really appreciate your support. Have a wonderful day!

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    From the staff & owner of Pho And Cafe Anh Hong

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