Banh Mi At Viet Huong

It had been awhile since E and I had gotten together for our sunday night dinner adventures. When she suggested banh mi at pho & cafe viet huong, you know I couldn’t say no! I’ve been to viet huong countless times, but have never had their banh mi. And E had never had banh mi before, ever, so this was going to be a fun treat. Since this was her first banh mi she went safe with the grilled chicken banh mi. It comes nicely wrapped in paper so that everything stays inside and does not fall apart. E was a big fan of her first vietnamese hoagie. How can you not like this? It’s really the best of east meets west.

It was hot, so I didn’t necessarily want hot food, and I found the thought of the stewed beef with bread intriguing. I thought it would be a banh mi with the stewed meat inside. Oops! It turned out to be a bowl of stewed beef (a la the same beef from pho bo kho) with a toasted baguette. Well, I didn’t mind this at all! It’s like taking all the delicious hunks of meat from your pho bo kho and eating that with an amazingly warm and crusty piece of bread. There’s tons of broth to dip the bread into or you can even make little sandwiches yourself. We also got a couple of smoothies, because it was so muggy out. E tried the avocado smoothie, per my recommendation, and she really liked it. I had strawberry and it was perfect in every way. Service was speedy and efficient, as usual!

Pho & Cafe Viet Huong
1110 Washington Ave # 2A
Philadelphia, PA

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