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After my orlando stay, I had to head over to Chicago for a quick overnight trip. After checking into our hotel, we headed over to Catch 35, which is right on the river. We couldn’t get a regular table quickly, so we sat at the jazz bar instead. And lo and behold, jazz musicians started to play! Seafood is what we wanted, and seafood is what we got!

Here’s a crabcake appetizer. I liked this crabcake because it didn’t have all kinds of weird hunks or chunks of random stuff in it. It was pretty much just crab. And it was pretty ┬ámuch delicious. The salsa that came along with it was also great. I also had a cup of the clam chowder which was very creamy but not very clammy. It was more like a potato chowder with a tiny bit of clams in it. I still liked it, but it needed more clam flavor! J got a cup of the gumbo which he quite liked.

The waiter said that the halibut and the bass were the dishes they were best known for, so J went with the halibut. The sauteed alaskan halibut was topped with maryland crabmeat, portabella mushrooms, and meuniere butter. J requested that they hold the mushrooms. This was an excellent fish dish.

Although I’m typically a scallop girl, I went with the chilean sea bass in hawaiian ginger-scallion sauce. Oh. My. Word. This was one of the best fish dishes I’ve ever had. The fish was incredibly flaky and practically melted in my mouth. The sauce was the perfect complement. I absolutely gobbled this up. The green beans were also great, as I love skinny green beans like this.

Although I was full, J wanted cheesecake. So I had to try it! It had an almond graham cracker crust, which was quite decadent! Overall, the entire Catch 35 meal was excellent. Service was good, but the food took a very long time to come out. I think this was extra noticeable because we were both extremely hungry. But yeah, the wait for the food was quite long! This place was recommended by one of the hotel employees, and we thank him for the excellent pick!
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Catch 35 Chicago
  1. Jessica Lee says:

    Been meaning to go here. Thanks for the review. Your dish loooks amazing. Sea bass is my favorite fish for sure.

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