Grilling In Bend

While in Bend we were staying at a kick ass condo that had pretty much every amenity you could ask for. There was a balcony in front and a raised deck and patio out back. And the patio had a perfect little grill. So one night we grilled up some steaks and asparagus and I caramelized some onions. Everything turned out really well, except for the extra burnt pieces of asparagus. But I really like burnt things, so I didn’t mind at all! I also grilled up some sweet corn, but it wasn’t very sweet. Trader Joe’s, you lied to me!

Another night, we switched to chicken. I can’t do just plain, so I grilled up some pineapple rings (thanks for the brilliant idea, J), and also used sweet baby ray’s hickory & brown sugar bbq sauce, which I’m rather loving right now. It’s hard not to grill when you have amazing sunny and warm, not hot, weather and are surrounded by majestic freakin pacific northwest beauty.
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