Jimmy John’s Sandwiches

We had to head up past North Chicago to get near all of these pharmaceutical companies. We were starving, and we were lucky enough to end up up in a random strip mall that happened to have a Jimmy John’s. Turns out it’s J’s favorite sandwich place! I remember seeing one in downtown Philadelphia, and being curious about it, but had never had any real desire to give it a try. Here was my chance! You have to love a place that has a neon sign that says “Free Smells”. I liked it already.

So Jimmy John’s started in Champaign, IL. It’s a brilliant idea really. What do college kids want to eat? Pizza and sandwiches I presume. And here’s Jimmy John’s now, a big chain made to bring smiles by Jimmy John Founder. They sell sandwiches, people, just sandwiches. And there’s not too much variety. The bread is white. They call it a french roll, but it’s really not. When I think french bread, I think crusty. This roll is incredibly thin, but chewy and dense. It kind of defies logic, actually, because of how thin it is. Seriously, if you look at a profile of the sandwich, it’s like there’s not even any bread there. But it’s delicious. And it’s the only bread they have. The ingredients are simple as well. It’s cold cuts, and they slice it all onsite. They only have one kind of cheese, provolone. And as boring and plain as this all looks, the sandwich was quite delicious. Sometimes, being complicated just complicates things. I quite enjoyed my simple turkey sub. They have some chips, some drinks, maybe even some cookies. But that’s about it. And that’s all I need. I’ll be happy to try this again!

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