Lunch In Fort Wayne – Don Hall’s Old Gas House

In the wee hours of the morning, we headed over to Fort Wayne, IN, to visit a potential client. After the meeting, it was time to eat lunch. Breakfast was pretty much skipped since we left at 5AM and drove like fiends, so we had to eat. I ended up finding Don Hall’s Old Gas House using the yelp app. What an excellent find it turned out to be!

The place is sizeable and was pretty much packed when we got there. It was a nice mix of people – young, old, business, casual, just a nice random mix. Driving into Fort Wayne was kind of depressing, but once we got into the downtown area, where Don Hall’s is, it was much more pleasant. It’s actually a cute and cool downtown! And it turns out that old Don Hall has quite a little dynasty for himself in Fort Wayne.

We both started with a bowl of gumbo. This was super good and quite spicy! J said he knows gumbo, and this was good gumbo. He wanted more rice in his gumbo, so he asked, and they were nice enough to bring him out a little bowl of extra rice.

For my entree, I got the blackened shrimp with mango salsa and pickled okra, served on top of mixed greens. The shrimp were huge, grilled just right, and spiced well. The mango salsa was a nice sweet contrast to the savory shrimp. But my favorite thing about this dish? The pickled okra! I like okra, but I’ve only had fried okra before. But I totally fell in love with these pickled okras. They were split in half and just mildly pickled. They had a tiny little hint of spicy, but not that much. Yes, they’re still fuzzy on the outside, but they weren’t at all mushy on the inside like fried okra tends to be. They had just the right amount of crunch.

Also, my other truly favorite thing about this lunch was the garlic bread sticks. Oh. My. Word. I didn’t even take a picture of them because I was too busy shoving them in my mouth. First off, they were piping hot. Second off, they were drenched, literally drenched, but not soggy or anything, in garlic butter. It was a perfect and delicious bread stick dunked into perfect and delicious hot garlic butter. My goodness, I could have eaten 100 more and died happy. Service was nice and friendly. This was a random place where we pretty much just ended up, but I would definitely come back here if I’m ever back in Fort Wayne!

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