Spring Feastival At Comcast Center

There’s a pretty fancy schmancy food court at the lower floor of the shiny Comcast Center. Yelp had a Spring Feastival there the other week and I got to take a gander, before it was open to the public. All the vendors were out showcasing their delicious wares. Termini Bros had major cannoli action going on. And even though it was somewhat still morning-ish, I had to try it. Nice.
Speaking of Termini Brow, they also had one of their cake dudes decorating a cake. He had just begun, but it was already looking quite lovely.

Speaking of desserts, gelato. The lemoncello one was amazing!

Of course there was sushi, courtesy of Tokyo Sushi.

And while we’re on an asiany bent, some fresh spring rolls from Sook Hee Produce. They had various ones – chicken, shrimp, tofu, whatever would float your spring roll boat. These were pretty good, except for the fact that they put celery in it. Stop this immediately! Celery should not be in here at all. It ruins it! Thank you, now off my soapbox.

Under the “C” Seafood had some shrimpies going on.

Here are some deep fried somethings from Mexican Post. These were particularly terrible.

Di Bruno Bros had some cheese out and about!

But they truly won over my heart because they were slicing up some prosciutto. It was amazing. I saw what they were selling it for, and damn, I probably ate like $20 worth of cured pork. And well, I could have eaten more, if they would have let me. As my brother says, if you have the option, always eat the value!

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