Tiffin In Wynnewood

Tiffin is now starting to have a little indian take-out empire in the philadelphia area. The first main line incarnation of Tiffin has recently opened in Wynnewood. Seeing as how I live so close by, M and I stopped by there the other night to check it out. It’s got a nice, airy, and colorful dining area, with a little bit of outdoor dining as well. The kitchen is fully visible.

We ordered a lamb dish, which was a special for May. It was lamb cubes cooked with onions in a slightly spicygravy. This was delicious and the lamb was beyond tender! It melted in your mouth. We also got an order of onion naan, as naan is like the crack of the bread world.

We also ordered the malai kofta – vegetable and cheese dumplings in a creamy sauce. I love this type of mild indian sauce. It’s perfect for sopping up with naan. We also got garlic naan as well, as that’s probably my favorite type of naan. We wanted to try everything, but you know, we only had two stomachs between us.

The service was a bit weird. We got seated right away and they swiftly brought over water and a bottle opener for our beers. It’s BYOB, by the way. But then nothing happened. We didn’t get menus for a disturbingly long time. Finally, I had to ask for them. When we got them, he apologized. We also ordered papadum, but they never came out. That was ok though, as we had plenty of food and it came out pretty quickly. The odd dine-in service doesn’t really concern me though as Tiffin really is much more of a take-out place anyway, and as long as the food is good, I’m happy. And the food is definitely good!

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