Al Fresco At McMenamins Old St Francis School

Bend is home to another branch in the McMenamins dynasty. Their spot is called Old St. Francis School, because it actually used to be a catholic school. Now, it’s not only a pub and restaurant, but also a hotel and movie house. They truly run the gambit here. On a lovely evening, we dined outside. They have plenty of outdoor seating and have umbrellas so you don’t get scorched.

J went crazy and got a burger. It is a third-pound Country Natural Beef patty with fixins and a secret sauce on a regular bun. It’s a healthy sized burger. He also added a fried egg. It also comes with a side salad or fries. J was a big fan of this burger.

I went with the Smokehouse Pizza. I’m not regularly all that into pizza, but this is what I was drawn to that evening. It features slow-smoked pork, Hammerhead BBQ sauce (made with their own Hammerhead ale), and mozzarella and fontina cheeses. Oh my word, this was a lovely pizza. The crust was great too, not too thin, not too thick, with enough crunch from the wood fired stove. It was kind of like a pulled pork sandwich on a pizza, and I loved it. Service is just ok here, nothing to rave about. Something strange happened there during our dinner. At three separate tables, a glass of water was spilled. It was just bizarre. I mean it didn’t affect the meal at all, but it was worth mentioning, due to its randomness.
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