Another Visit To Tiffin – Wynnewood

There may be hundreds of restaurants I’ve yet to try in Philadelphia, but sometimes, I just want to be lazy and stay a bit closer to home. So we drove up the street for a nice and easy dinner at Tiffin in Wynnewood. I really like the feel of this place. It’s completely casual and free of pretension. And considering it’s on the main line, that can sometimes be very hard to come by. And it’s a BYOB people. Score! We got one of the monthly appetizer specials, the Tandoori Broccoli. It is broccoli marinated with herbs and spices and cooked in the traditional clay oven. It wasn’t anything great, just smoky broccoli. But we both love broccoli so we enjoyed it.

I think my whole reason for ever eating indian food is for the naan. It’s just some of the best bread you could ever eat. Some onion and garlic naan that we housed. I think I prefer the garlic naan here a little bit more than the onion one, because the garlic one is slightly more crispy. The onion one is a bit more soggy.

We went smart and just split the Chicken Korma as our entree. For anyone new to indian food, this is an extremely safe dish to try. It is big hunks of chicken breast cubes in a creamy cashew sauce. The sauce is incredibly rich and creamy, after all, it’s made with ground cashews. It has a nice and mild flavor, and won’t offend anyone, especially if you have an aversion to flavors you may traditionally associate with indian food, such as curry or cumin. It’s a perfect dish for dipping your naan into. It’s as if they created it as a vehicle for the naan to enter into my gullet. Yeah, I’ll say it, the chicken korma was my naan delivery device. And it was an excellent naan delivery device.
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Another Visit To Tiffin – Wynnewood
  1. foxy.kate says:

    Wait, I thought you couldn’t eat at Tiffin? It’s not just an order-ahead joint?

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