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After arriving in Depoe Bay, we drove north a little bit more to do more roaming. We couldn’t help but stop at Lincoln City, which is truly a big coastal town. There’s even a big ugly casino. Trusting the yelp app again, we stopped for dinner at Blackfish Cafe. This is truly a fine dining establishment, without any of the snoot. J had been yammering on the whole trip about wanting to order calamari, so he finally did. It was cornmeal crusted and served with a horseradish aioli. I wasn’t particularly impressed, especially because I’m not a big fan of horseradish, so J ate pretty much all of it. And he loved it. There were some edible flower looking things on here, but neither of us dared to eat it. What is this, does anyone know?

I had a cup of the clam chowder, which they boasted on their menu as being the best clam chowder in the oregon coast. You know what? They were right. As far as among the three chowders I had that week, it was definitely the best one. And it might be one of the best chowders I’ve ever had. J’s entree came with a caesar salad.

So J wasn’t sure what to get as an entree. We asked our very nice server for recommendations and she gushed about the Cioppino. So he went with it. Damn, this thing was amazing. Chock full of pacific northwest seafood, it included scallops, salmon, prawns, clams, mussels, dungeness crab, and other fin and shellfish, and was braised in a red wine, tomato, and herb broth. It was served with grilled crostini. Oh this was a thing of beauty. It was absolutely delicious and stuffed with fresh seafood. And there was plenty left over for J to enjoy the next day, even though the server did not include any of the broth in the to-go box, which bugged him to no end. This really was worth every penny, and then some!

I should have gotten a bucket of that chowder, but since I wanted something small and not hearty, I went with the seafood pizza, which came with shrimp, crab, and capicola ham. This was thin on the crust, and heavy on the cheeses and the seafood. It was nice and light and did just the trick. There were those flower things on the pizza too. Again, I avoided them.

Service was excellent. The staff definitely knows what they’re doing, and obviously, so does the kitchen. There was also tons of art hanging on the walls, which was also cool. It was the entire private collection of a local and it was quite unique. The proprietors are also super nice and friendly and came by to check on us and to thank us for stopping in. It’s a great place!

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Blackfish Cafe – Lincoln City
  1. Lisa says:

    I know you made this post quite a while ago, but the flowery things on your food are chives, a type of onion. I’ve never personally eaten the flowering part, but it looks nice! I’m glad you got to try our amazing Oregon coast clam chowder while you were here!

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