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Our next stop on the central oregon coast was Florence. By the way, driving up the coast is pretty amazing. Seriously, it’s picturesque beyond picturesque. It’s also twisty and bendy and a bit scary, but the nature and scenery is pretty stunning. Ocean and cliffs on one side, trees, trees, and more trees on the other. I loved it.

So Florence is a much bigger town. There are several large grocery stores, lots of restaurants, and a cute little historic area. After roaming that historic area a bit, we decided on dinner at Bridgewater, partly because the building was so cool. It’s an old and historic building. The place is pretty large inside with plenty of dining space as well as a bar. The bar is called Zebra, so there’s a zebra theme all over the place. We weren’t big fans of the zebra stuff, but otherwise, we liked the decor, especially the dark wood floors. When we sat down, we were presented with complimentary shrimp cocktail. Who doesn’t love that? The shrimp were pretty small, but they were still tasty. We were hungry so we totally appreciated getting these right away!

J was extra hungry, so he ordered the shrimp and scallop skewer appetizer. These were large shrimp and scallops that were grilled with a sweet and tangy sauce. The scallops were cooked perfectly! There was probably too much sauce on these, and they would have been even better with a more subtle touch of the sauce, but we both enjoyed these.

Because I ordered a proper entree, I got a side salad. I could have had a plain one, but the waiter pointed out that I could get on of their fancier salads as my side salad. When I was floundering, he said that they were extremely popular. So I went with it! Look at this thing! It’s a pretty regular salad to start, with romaine and re onions but it’s topped with mandarin oranges, avocado, and crushed hazelnuts! Whee! It tasted like a mild nutella with every bite! Loved it! It was a strange combination of sweet and tangy from the mandarin, sweet and nutty from the hazelnuts, spicy with the onions, creamy with the avocado, and crunchy with the lettuce. It had everything!

J got a cobb salad. It was only $10, and now we could see why. For whatever reason, they decided to chop up every single element of this salad down to nearly the molecular level. Everything was diced extremely fine,and the lettuce was absolutely shredded to the thinnest I’ve ever seen lettuce. The lettuce would have been good for taco bell tacos, but not for salad. When something crunchy gets shredded so fine, it loses the crunch. And lettuce should be somewhat crunchy, am I wrong? It tasted fine to J, but it still was not what he wanted or expected. So a bit of a letdown on this one.

My entree was the halibut. Man, did we eat a lot of halibut on on this trip! It was another big honkin piece of halibut with mashed sweet potatoes and sauteed veggies. Everything was just perfect. The fish was cooked just right, and plainly grilled, but that was just fine. The veggies were great, and I love me some mashed sweet potatoes! I had plenty of this fish leftover for J’s snack the next day. All of the staff is super young, like fresh off the bus green, but the service was fine too. No complaints here. All in all, this was a nice dinner, even despite the great minced cobb salad fiasco.

Bridgewater Restaurant
1297 Bay Street
Florence, OR 97439-9648
(541) 997-1133?

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