Espresso Stouts Galore In Oregon

Oregon loves their beer and their microbrews. They love it as much as they love coffee and flannel. So we took advantage of the fact that so many different microbrews were available, from near and far, and drank a whole lot of espresso stouts. We purchased these at whole foods, and the check out girl actually chuckled at us after she rung everything up and was telling us how much it was. You don’t want to know. But hey, when in Oregon! The Overcast Espresso Stout, probably my personal favorite. It was super smooth. I don’t know what the open container laws are like in Oregon, but we drank it in Drake Park anyway. Arrest us, we don’t care!

The only non-stout that somehow snuck into our purchases was the Maui CoCoNut Porter. I think I saw this on tv once. It’s a good beer, but it does not have any kind of coconut taste in it, at all! Slightly false advertising. But a good beer.

Here’s the Laurelwood Espresso Stout, another favorite. J just happened to pour it out into a mug for espresso. It was just a coincidence. Also quite smooth, a bit stronger than Overcast.

Here’s where things start to get not so tasty. These two stouts by Mikkellen, Barrel-Aged Black Hole, are brewed with coffee, honey, and vanilla, and aged in either whisky or wine barrels. We thought these would be amazing. We were wrong. These just tasted strong and bad. And they were freakin’ expensive too. Coffee stout fails!

Dark Truth Stout. Ok, so this one was the worst one. It tasted like ashtray.
The Yeti Imperial Stout from Great Divide Brewing. This one was ok, but really strong, not necessarily in the best way, and just not really drinkable. I mean it wasn’t bad, but it certainly wasn’t great. And there you have it! And no, we did not drink all of these in one sitting. Drink responsibly!

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