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While in Yachats the day before, we’d discovered this sweet coffee house across the way from Luna. On our continuing journey north on the coast to our next destination, Depoe Bay, we had to stop for some morning treats at Green Salmon Coffee and Tea House. So this place is, um, y’know, run by hippies. There’s no other way to say it. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But it’s not a hipster coffee house. It’s a hippie coffee house. They run their shop in as green a way as possible. Among others, they buy locally, compost everything, collect rainwater for cleaning and watering, have a solar power system, heat using local wood, and have a no plastic pledge, etc. They actually practice what they preach. And there’s nothing sleep or modern about this place. It’s warm, homey, and has tons of mismatched furniture. And I like it that way.

They’re all about the fair trade and organic coffee and tea here and they have plenty you can pick up to make at home. But it’s the drinks that they make here that set this place apart. They have tons of coffee, hot chocolate, and tea concoctions, with strange combinations, that really make this place special.

Ok, no, I lied. It’s their damn pastries that make this place so special. Everything is made in-house using local ingredients, whenever possible. And look at these things! They’re huge, cheap, and oh so delicious! You can’t tell how big these things are, but trust me, they are the size of your head!

Here we have J’s Oregonian at the top – espresso with lightly sweet steamed oregon hazelnut milk. At the bottom is my Hokusai Cocoa – rice milk hot chocolate with japanese matcha green tea. Both were delicious! The day before, we’d gotten a Tsunami to-go – strong, brewed iced coffee with a sweetened float of condensed milk. And behold their blueberry scone. I’m not that well versed in scones, but this was not your average scone. It was more like a giant triangular muffin, and it was beyond delicious. It was big enough to keep both of our sweet tooths satisfied.

The service is ok. The guy with the ponytail wasn’t the most friendliest. I think he sensed that we were not hippies or locals, so he didn’t exactly warm up to us. One of the girls who works in the back actually making things was one big giggler. All she did was giggle both times we were there. Like non-stop. I wonder what was making her giggle so much? And exactly how much of it was she smoking? Another girl who waited on us was much friendlier. While I’m sure they’re happy with the tourists that stop in and the money they drop, it really does seem like a local hangout. We even overheard someone telling a customer he still had $1.77 on his account. I know that if I lived in Yachats or nearby, I’d stop by here all the time! And I’d probably gain 10 lbs from all the pastries!

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