Having A Halibut Time In Bandon

We left Bend and headed to Crater Lake. After witnessing its freakin majestic beauty, we drove a long-ass way to the central Oregon coast, and landed in Bandon. It’s a cute little town with a little marina and old town area with a “boardwalk”. It’s seriously tiny, but adorable. After partaking of some delicious espresso stouts in our hotel room, we jaunted over to the old town area for some grub. We got a recommendation from the innkeeper to go to his favorite place, but alas, that place was closed on tuesdays. So this is how we ended up at the Wheelhouse Restaurant. Or were we in the Crowsnest Lounge? I’m not sure, but it’s the same place. One is upstairs, and one is downstairs.

We were upstairs, so you could get some nice views of the marina. Did I mention how cute this little town was? Seafood was to be had this evening, but first, we got some bread. Let me say this, they serve delicious sourdough bread here.

Both our entrees came with side salads, but J’s was much more fancy, with little shrimp, golden raisins, and sunflower seeds. He ordered a much fancier entree.

Mine was much more standard. No shrimp, golden raisins, or sunflower seeds for me, but instead, a couple of cherry tomatoes and a slice of cucumber. Hmm, I think he won. But, I absolutely loved my dressing. It was kind of like a runny catalina dressing, but with a bit of a spicy kick, as if it had chili powder in it. It’s hard to describe, but I definitely liked it. It was strange, but in a good way.

J got the big old halibut entree. Check out this beautifully grilled hunk of halibut with brown rice and veggies. No need to mess with any kind of sauce or anything on this. It was pure and unadulterated fish. And it was delicious.

I got the fish and chips, which was also made from the halibut. These huge honking hunks of fried goodness were hot, flaky, and delicious. And so were the fries! The service was good and our waitress was very nice and friendly. The food came out quickly, but then again, there weren’t too many people there that night. We both greatly enjoyed our halibut meals!

Wheelhouse Restaurant & Crows Nest Lounge
125 Chicago St
Bandon, OR 97411
(541) 347-9331my

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