Thump And Their Cold Brew Coffee

Once we got back to Bend, the weather was just sunny and hot. There was not a cloud in the sky, and the sun was pounding. And we had to go downtown to check out Bite of Bend. On our last morning there, we had to stop in for some powerful and cold refreshment at Thump. We got a Toddy style iced coffee. It’s a method of cold brewing coffee, and there is a brewing system that you can purchase that was invented by a dude named Todd. I believe Thump said they cold brew theirs for 16 hours. It’s similar to our first cold brew coffee love, new orleans style, but without the chicory. All this time and effort is so that you can reduce the acidity and the bitterness that hot brewed coffee can produce. This was a good cup of cold brew.
The shop is pretty cool. They have “wishes” hanging from the ceiling and they’re pretty cute. But something about it was just off for me. It wasn’t exactly the most warm and welcoming and the baristas had some palpable attitude. It wins a lot of “best of bend” awards for coffee shops, and perhaps that’s gone to their pretty little caffeine-filled heads. Right around the corner, there was an awesome little coffee shop and roaster, called lone pine.┬áIf they had cold brewed iced coffee, we would have totally gone there. In fact, J wanted to take our Thump iced coffee and go drink it there, and just give some dollars so we’d be able to sit there. We’ll definitely do that next time.
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