Capogiro West

You know I’m crazy for some damn Capogiro. There’s a nice new fancy one in University City, at the Radian. I feel like it’s bigger than the center city ones, and perhaps it is, but just because of the layout it feels huge for a Capogiro. Instead of being long and skinny, it’s just a big open side space. I’m a fan.
Even though the space is big, when I went, they only had one case open for the gelato / sorbetto. The other case was installed but wasn’t housing anything. So the selection was like half of what the other locations have. Slightly disappointing. But I got what I typically get, a small with two sorbettos. I went with red plum and nectarine. The red plum was nice, but it was not nearly as good as the yellow plum that I’d had awhile back. I still think about that yellow plum sorbetto. The nectarine was quite nice too. Then we took a short cruise through the UPenn campus just as it started to lightly sprinkle. We tried to find a bench to recreate my version of the gelato eating movie poster for eat pray love, but it just didn’t work.

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