Hidden Summer Evening Treats – Tutti Frutti’s Small Oven Bakery

On a lovely weekend evening, we walked M & E to IHOP so they could get a little less drunk. Right across the street is the recently opened Tutti Frutti. So yeah, philly’s kind of been slow on the frozen yogurt uptake. It’s been around for years elsewhere, but we only started getting some like, maybe last year? Well this one is the lastest, and it’s right next to Naked Chocolate too. It’s a chain, like most of them are.
And it’s one of those chains that has tons of the yogurt flavors. They have tons of toppings too. Some of them are installed on the wall, which I find quite precarious. I tried a sample of the plain yogurt, and I liked it. It was very thick and creamy. You pay by the ounce.
But that’s not what I came to Tutti Frutti for. Tucked all the way in the back of Tutti Frutti, is Small Oven Bakery. And do you know what they make?

Cream puffs! Japanese style cream puffs! So these were more fancy ones, like the eclair and berry berry.
Here are green tea, strawberry, and mango. All very attractive, but still, that’s not what I was interested in.
What I was interested in was the plain vanilla cream puff. This is very much reminiscent of Beard Papa’s. It looks the same, and they use the same weird contraption to squish the vanilla cream into it. And yes, they dust powder sugar on top. The puff, however, is smaller than Beard Papa’s. And while I found the cream to be delicious, the puff disappointed. It didn’t live up to Beard Papa’s at all. What I love about Beard Papa’s puff is how crispity and fresh the puff is. Even when the cream goes inside, it’s still crispy and has a crunch, in a good way. But this puff, even with the cream just having been put into it, was a bit on the chewy side. It just did not taste fresh. It tasted like it had been sitting there all day. I had high hopes, but it’s just not the same and will not suffice as a Beard Papa’s replacement. So the wait continues! Also, thanks to H/A for being the evening’s official photographer!
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