Kids Love Wii Just Dance… And Pizza

Here is a tip for parents with kids out there. If you want an extremely cheap babysitter, buy the “Just Dance” video game. It will keep kids of all ages occupied for hours. M brought it over to K’s house, and I swear, all of the kids in the neighborhood somehow showed up. And they were all mesmerized. It’s like crack, for kids. They wouldn’t have even noticed if you left the house. While the kids were playing, we hung out in the dining room and ate fruit, cheese, nuts, etc. There’s part of the watermelon that I’d been trying to eat through. I’d bought a whole watermelon, for only $3, because really, how do you not buy something when it’s only $3? And I’d been chipping away at it. It took me about 10 days to finish. And it was delicious, too!
When it came to dinner, pizza was ordered! They got a few pies from nearby Poppi’s, in the Wynnewood Shopping Center. I’d always been curious about it, since I pass it all the time, but had never tasted it. It’s good! As K & C said, it is a bit on the pricey side as far as takeout pizza is concerned, but it is real good. The crust is thin, and clearly spiced with garlic. When you’re actually eating just the crust, it almost tastes like a garlicky breadstick. They even throw parsley on the pizza, ain’t that fancy? And if you’re feeding kids, they’ll cut the slices even smaller and leave off the parsley.
And for dessert, we had this cute cake that E made for us. It is a red velvet cake with frosting and chocolate chips. She made it from scratch! And she’s only 10! It was rich and tasty. Thanks E!
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